“VOGUE” editor-in-chief Sun Yi is married! Sun Yunyun and Melody are witnesses and her wife is 6 months pregnant

Congratulations to the 43-year-old fashion magazine “VOGUE” Asia Pacific Editorial Director Sun Yi on her marriage! Celebrity Melody shared on IG today photos of Sun Yi and 40-year-old Orange Catering Group CEO Yuan Yueling (Jocelyn) registering for marriage and intimate kissing photos, saying: “

Today, Sun Xiaoguai (Sun Yunyun) and I are married for the first time in our lives. Witness, don’t forget to find us as the wedding host!” It is understood that Jocelyn is currently about 6 months pregnant.

In addition to being the editorial director of “VOGUE” in the Asia-Pacific region, Sun Yi also has another identity as Sun Yunyun’s cousin. Therefore, Sun Yunyun is also obliged to serve as a witness to witness the grand day of her cousin’s marriage registration.

Sun Yi and Yuan Yueling have been dating since 2019. In 2020, they shared photos and wrote “Happy 1st Anniversary”. Now their lives have entered the next stage and they have received blessings from a large number of fans.

Sun Yi’s other half, Jocelyn, is the daughter of Yuan Yongding, the founder of Orange Shabu Shabu. She is currently the CEO of Orange Catering Group. In addition to the well-known high-priced Japanese-style Orange Shabu Shabu, there is also an old massage shop SAKURA. SPA, M One SPA, coffee and meals M One Cafe, etc.

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