Through My Eyes, the film’s true story is based on the novel by Garth Stein

On air tonight on Channel 5 the film “Through my eyes”, the story of the racing driver Denny Swift, inspired by the true story of the novel “The art of racing in the rain” by Garth Stein. In the story of the relationship between Denny Swift, played by Milo Ventimiglia, and Avery “Eve” Swift, played by Amanda Seyfried, the real narrator will be the dog Enzo, a golden retriever named in honor of Enzo Ferrari. Just Enzo, in Italian will be dubbed by the late Gigi Proietti. The film produced in 2017 sees the various stages in the life of Enzo and Danny Swift, from the race courses to the meeting with Avery “Eve” Swift, the woman he will marry and with whom he will have a daughter, who will take the name of Zoe. The story is tinged with details taken from Stein’s work, which was inspired in part by his life,

The true story of Through my eyes, the film with Milo Ventimiglia

But where does director Simon Curtis’ film come from? From an autobiographical work by the writer Garth Stein, who told the story of the success and pain of the racing driver Denny Swift from the perspective of the golden retriever Enzo.

Since he was a puppy, Enzo learned his owner’s lessons, also following him in the workshop, but above all on the wet race tracks, where Denny decided to race. Not only does the passion for cars push Denny to attend the racetrack , but also the meeting with Eve, later Swift, a woman he will fall in love with , parallel to Enzo, who will slowly trust the third wheel in his own life.

A relationship that flourishes until the wedding, and until the birth of Zoe, their daughter. Not only roses and flowers in this story,with Enzo who will remain close even in the most difficult moments of Denny’s life .

The art of racing in the rain, the book by Garth Stein about his life

Published by the author in 2009, “The art of running in the rain” is the third novel by Garth Stein, certainly the best-selling, also for the story with a different perspective on the life of the couple Denny and Eve Swift, up to the birth by Zoe .

The engines and the relationship with his dog are a clear autobiographical choice of the writer, as he later recounted, and Denny’s story with his golden retriever Enzo also projects the strength to fight in difficult times.

In the novel, with the words of Enzo, the theme of success and defeat in a race is addressed, but also and above all in life, with the disappearance of Eve and the relationship between Denny and his wife’s parents for the custody of little Zoe , which tends to catalyze attention on human emotions.

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