The Walking Dead: The finale reveals it – that’s what Daryl is about in his spin-off to France!

Daryl Dixon’s story continues even after the “The Walking Dead” finale. It takes him to France, but why is that? Now we finally know the answer!

The series finale of ” The Walking Dead ” is over and has not only ended an era, but also heralded the future of a new one. Namely, Norman Reedus will return as Daryl Dixon in his own TWD spin-off , fighting the zombies in France. Why France? The TWD finale provides answers!

At the end of the final TWD episode, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) becomes the leader of Hilltop and wants to get to the bottom of the cause of the zombie apocalypse. Why do the undead evolve?

She sends Daryl on a mission to find out more about the situation outside of the areas she is familiar with.In the course of this mission it will be inevitable that Daryl will end up in France, because as already revealed in ” The Walking Dead: World Beyond ” the apocalypse found its origin in a laboratory in France where the first zombies were created.

However, the flow of communication in the post-apocalyptic world is far from good, so that Daryl first has to learn that France could offer answers about the origin of the apocalypse.

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