The priest told about where the singer Oleg Vinnyk actually went

Since April of this year, singer Oleg Vinnyk has disappeared from the music space and social networks. Information spread in the mass media that the singer had health problems. This information was confirmed by Oleg’s close friend, Comrade Archpriest Vitaly Trach, abbot of the Church of the Iver Icon of the Mother of God. Transfers Facts .

According to him, the Zara singer has serious health problems and is in Berlin.

“He really wanted to come to me for communion, but for now it is impossible, because the distance is too great, and the war, and even more so Oleg is constantly helping the front by buying cars for the Armed Forces. He created the “Vovchytsia” fund, and I also communicate with its management “, said Trach.

The other day, they talked with the singer via video link.

“Of course, it was clear from the outside that the person was sick. But despite this, the artist is very strong in spirit, he strives to create and be useful to Ukraine. Our prayers are heard every day for his healing,” Archpriest Vitaly Trach is confident.

Father Vitaly met the singer about six years ago thanks to the artist’s sister, Natalya.It was she who told him about the icon of the Most Holy Mother of God “Iverska-Myrnenska”, which has been pouring myrrh since 2007, during all this time she traveled a lot in Ukrainian churches.

Trach also added that he believes that the Mother of God will not leave Oleg and very soon after our victory he will delight us with his hits again.

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