The Liberals warned SD about the article about “brown sorrow”

The L leader must have thought that the meeting at the small newspaper foundation in Gästrikland was a safe room – when he published the text about SD.

But Expressen’s reporter Anna Gullberg was there and quoted him when he called SD’s contribution in the Tidö collaboration “crap” and described the party as “extreme populist”.

I am not naive, I know for a fact that SD has the same organization number today as they had when they were formed and even their own clever little attempt at a white paper shows that it is a brown mess.

According to information to Aftonbladet, the Liberals immediately started a damage minimization campaign last Saturday after they found out that Johan Pehrson’s words would be made public.

“Got in touch”

The measures included contacts on “several different levels” with the Sweden Democrats.

The Liberals contacted us and explained that this is coming, and it won’t look good. They stated that they of course stand behind the Tidö agreement one hundred percent and were very humble and apologetic, says a centrally located SD source.

At the same time, L leader Johan Pehrson also made personal contact with SD leader Jimmie Åkesson.

Johan texted Jimmie and apologized, says the SD source.

From the SD side, one must have appreciated the Liberals’ apologies for what Johan Pehrson said to his party friends.

They were heard on many levels last Saturday and that honors them. As we see it, the Liberals are in some kind of formative stage and it will take a while before we get to know each other. But it is clear that it is not fun to enter into a collaboration with someone and then hear what is said in closed rooms, says the SD source.

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