The idol of a generation has died. The Power Rangers actor was a professional fighter

Jason David Frank became a hero to millions of children.
Sad news came from the United States – at the age of 49, the famous actor Jason David Frank voluntarily passed away. The California native has starred in a plethora of movies and TV shows, but most of them have been associated with only one franchise – Power Rangers.

This superhero series was released in 1993 and continues to exist to this day, although it is only a copy of the Japanese series. “Rangers” are still incredibly popular in the United States, and at one time they thundered in Russia, although now few people watch this series in our country.

Jason Frank played the role of Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, on the Power Rangers, having got on the set of the series almost by accident. Initially, Frank was supposed to take part in only 14 episodes, but the audience liked his charisma so much that the scriptwriters had to rewrite the plot for him. The colors of the rangers played by Frank changed: after all, with interruptions, Jason played in the TV series and feature films based on the Rangers until 2018, becoming the hero of an entire generation.


But acting was far from the only thing for him. Frank also worked as a stuntman and professional fighter. On account of the actor there was a black belt of the eighth degree in Shotokan karate, as well as black belts in taekwondo and judo.

Respected Jason and jiu-jitsu, where he reached the purple belt. But the main love of the “green ranger” was mixed martial arts, which in the 90s were rapidly gaining popularity. Frank was actively involved in MMA and actively cherished his dream of making his debut as a professional fighter.

“I just want to go out there and do everything in my power to prove that I can fight pros. I don’t need any titles. I just want to give my fans the opportunity to watch something interesting, and get myself a reason to be proud, ”said the actor.

We should give him credit: as soon as Frank had a long break in his acting career, he immediately set about realizing his dream. In 2010, Jason had four fights in amateur MMA, each of which he won in the first round. Moreover, the debutant relied not only on his wrestling skills, having issued two knockouts at once. This was followed by a professional debut in the Texas Cage Fighting league. Where the actor’s rival gave up already at the 46th second after the choke!

Unfortunately, at this Frank decided to hang up his gloves on a nail – he achieved the goal. Although it would be interesting to see what level the actor could get to, given the solid wrestling base and excellent fitness. On the other hand, it is unlikely that Jason had serious prospects, given that at that time he was already 37 years old.

However, Frank proved everything to his numerous fans. Unfortunately, Jason could not cope with his psychological problems. But forever remained in the history of cinema.

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