“Tanya” answered? promote status Rumors of growing love for “Arlo”, a handsome high-class young man from Laos

After the country artist, the superstar, the fans’ favorite Tanya-Daraphat Twinan  or Tanya RSiam announced the termination of her love status with a young senior joining the industry , Aof Supanut, until it became famous news in the entertainment industry when …

Recently, he had the opportunity to open his mind to the fullest! Regarding all the stories that happened in the program “Too Nu Mam” on Workpoint 23 with the host of the mother , Numam Suriwipha, at the same time, Thanya RSiam  also cleared the issue of rumors of planting a new love tree with Arlo, a handsome young man. Luxury profile, business owner, foreign exchange rate and real estate 1 in 6 of the capital Vientiane In this regard, the person clearly explained that… 

Many people may not know what happened between us and Aof Supanut?
“According to the news, there is an infidelity. As his brother said With our expectations for this price is as high as a wedding. It is love when we want to be serious with someone because we are kids who like to plan the future that before the age of 25 we will have a house, a car, and we can do everything according to our plan. 

But this time in the matter of love, we want to get married at the age of 27-28, so we want to be serious about love with someone. so that we can have a long relationship and get married at that age which he himself is very old We are all serious, high expectations, trust each other. Well, we give him 100 percent of his heart.”

Decided to break up during our birthday just right?

“First we forgive But after the second time, we don’t forgive. which we are the ones who broke up during the birthday It’s called blowing a cake with tears in it. But there was also a mother and a fan who came to surprise as well. I don’t want to cry for anyone to see it. And very fortunate that people around us come to surprise us. I really don’t have time to regret it.”

Open the page to vent your mind?

“It relieves our stress. I admit that I’m scared and lost my core with this love. because we set a high foothold And we still don’t know how to deal with new arrivals after this. I used to think that in the future, how do we have to look at people? How do you see if this person is good or bad? Which I’m not saying that he’s a bad person. For the past three years, he took good care of the mice. It’s good that he supports it.”

Forgive him or not?

“Oh, because I really don’t want to say that in the future we won’t trust anyone. It is not someone else’s karma that must be taken on. That is, I thought that if I had love next time, what I would give again would be trust. The respect for me would probably be given to my next person as usual. Because it’s what people have to have with each other.

Recently, it seems that there are new fans already. Is it true?
“That was two days ago. I went to Laos with Big M, and now I have a party with the adult team in Vientiane. We met and got to know each other by P’Lala, pretending and getting to know each other (smiles).”

For this young man, is there a chance to develop further?

“I don’t know this one. but know each other because love can’t really be said Another way to say today But enough in practice. Will there be a continuation or not, we have to continue to see. Because it’s only been two days.”

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