Somcheng Samcha try the item. Ask for cash from the Naga statue. 20 million. Finally, I got it.

Is another person who is lucky enough to be another of the entertainment industry for Somcheng Samcha , a famous female comedian who recently opened up about an unbelievable event and because of his desire to try his own thing on the hit program which Som Cheng has told me that Som Cheng built a house for 40 million at Sam Khok.

This house received money to build it because he asked for it from the serpent. before taking to see the serpent Teacher Ole came to set up a court to set up on the 15th, the lottery was issued on the 16th, almost the whole house received hundreds of thousands of money.

and Som Cheng will take you to see the house and tell him that On the sofa, when someone comes to sleep, they see an old man. A woman who will stand and smile, look at the people in the house, not afraid. never seen in person But he will come in a dream The monk came to the house and said that this place is a treasure pearl. If your grandchildren come to win the lottery every time People will like it because they want a lucky number.

Then Somcheng took everyone up to the Buddha’s room. along with telling the belief that he is a descendant of the serpent Dreaming of seeing a serpent curled up and thinking who put the statue of the serpent on it, when he finished speaking, he carried himself and we woke up. So I called my friend to tell me about my dream. And friends said that they didn’t have to ask. I will bring it to you tomorrow. Then a friend brought a diamond serpent. 

Som Cheng continued that This diamond serpent monk meditates on the Mekong River. When the ceremony was finished, there was a serpent diamond in the alms bowl. But my friend got 7 pills and the monk said 6 pills belong to someone else. It’s time for him to come and claim himself.

There were still 2 pills left, this one and the yellow one. He got it for 2 years but he didn’t know who it was. until we tell the story of our dreams So he brought it. And at that time, when going anywhere, people said that they were descendants of the serpent. But then I didn’t believe because it’s not this line.

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