‘Som Cheng Samcha’ tells the story of goosebumps. Asking for cash from the Naga statue of 20 million, finally got it for real!

‘Somcheng Samcha’ tells a creepy story. I tried to ask for 20 million baht in cash from the Naga statue, but finally got it. Surrender meat, pray – gravel for you.

It’s another creepy story for the news of a young comedian ‘ Somcheng Samcha ‘ or ‘ Somcheng Bunyawan Pongsuwan ‘ at the latest (13 Nov 65). I tried to ask for 20 million baht in cash from the Naga statue, but finally got it. forgoing meat Pray – pour water for you.

Through the program ‘ Tee Thai Krua ‘ on ‘ Channel 3 ‘ with ‘ Oh Phakjeera Wannasut ‘, ‘ Art Palungtham Klomthongsuk ‘, ‘ Po Nattawut Skitjai ‘ and ‘ A Chaiya Mitchai ‘ acting as The host stated that

“I dreamed that I saw a serpent curled up and thought that someone had put a statue of a serpent on it. When he finished speaking, he unloaded his body and woke us up. So I called my friend and told me about my dream. Then my friend said not to demand. I’ll take it tomorrow Then a friend brought a diamond Naga to him.

This diamond serpent monk meditates on the Mekong River. When the ceremony was finished, there was a serpent diamond in the alms bowl. But my friend got 7 pills and the monk said 6 pills belong to someone else. It’s time for him to come and claim himself.

There were still 2 pills left, this one and the yellow one. He got it for 2 years but he didn’t know who it was. until we tell the story of our dreams So he brought it. And at that time, when going anywhere, people said that they were descendants of the serpent. But then I didn’t believe because it’s not this line

when I met one of my elders who was a practitioner He said that if we pay respect, we will know which teacher we have. while praying Both arms were raised. I feel awake, but I can’t control There are both grandfather and grandmother two. Their arms are very heavy and their faces look like Nagas, spewing water, but they are still confused because they look too much.

until I met Ajarn Ole Said that orange had a black body and there was another person who said it was gold. And every time you come to my face, it will not be my face. And someone said that if you know the name of one Lord ask for anything Then one day, a senior holding that statue came and said that it was the one who was protecting us and told us to ask for it.

We ask for the improbable. We work, we know how much income we get in a year. We ask for 20 million. Ask for 20 million in cash by December 31, 2021. Let’s get overwhelmed because I want to try. can sell anything Earned in cash, got more than 20 million as well. Reducing meat on Buddhist holy day He will like a lot of prayers and pouring water for you.”

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