Immense Incense

Volcanic Flame Aroma Diffuser

$55.99 $69.05

Product operating instructions:

Aromatherapy function:

Add water (not above the water level) to the water tank, add a proper amount of essential oil, press and hold the switch button to turn on the aromatherapy atomization, and turn on the flame atmosphere lamp at the same time; Press and hold again to stop working.

Colorful lighting function:

When the spray is on, press the switch button briefly to turn on the colorful atmosphere lights; Short press again to fix the changing color; Short press again to turn off the atmosphere light.

Protection function:

Built in water shortage protection chip, automatically stops working after detecting no water;

Products include:

Aromatherapy machine host * 1,
Typec power cord * 1,
Chinese and English instructions * 1
(The product does not contain the packaging box)

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