Immense Incense

Religious Meditation Tibetan Incense Backflow Cone

$35.99 $44.05

100%Natural No Artificial Fragrance
Content:About 60 incense cones
Burning Time:Approximate 30 Minutes Per Cone

Contains 108 kinds of spices, such as cheese, milk, yogurt, honey, sugar, brown sugar, etc.
Contains Buddhist masters blessings, It's the best choice to get positive energy.

There is no strong smell when burning, and the aroma of a variety of spices makes people feel leisurely and peaceful. More is to experience its religious atmosphere in the smoke. Recommended for use in housewarming, meditation and cultural venues

The text symbols on the cone represent the communication with the Buddha and reach a perfect mood

The charm pattern represents the blessing of Guanyin Bodhisattva

How to use: Light the top of the cone and place it on the incense burner or the special incense holder for backflow incense. Store in a dry environment at room temperature

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