Immense Incense

Ceramic Dragon Backflow Incense Burner With 20pcs Cones

$79.99 $99.25
Family Decoration of Gift Frame of Ceramic Reflux Fumigation Furnace 1.Characteristics: One Creative DesignCreative ceramic reverse flow frankincense burner A la izquierda Y Comments more than a month ago feel But it is also smoking, connecting the left and right, raising awareness of hierarchy. 2.Sensitive aspectsFine and delicate design model suitable for decoration 3. I often use:You can use it to make fragrance. Room When visitors come to visit, it can create a comfortable atmosphere and purify the air. Office frankincense cleanses the air and reduces stress Fragrant bedroom, eliminate fatigue, improve the quality of sleep, study fragrance, let people relax, eliminate all kinds of ideas. 4.Efficacy: Fresh air, nerve relaxation, help to concentrate, decoration and so on. 5.Material:Ceramic or purple sand
Style 1:
Style 2 with 20pcs incense:
Style 3 with 20pcs incense:
Style 4 with 20pcs incense:
Style 5 with 20pcs incense:
Style 6 with 20pcs incense:
Style 7 with 20pcs incense:
Style 8 with 20pcs incense:
Specifications: length 13.5cm, width 12.5cm, height 19cm.
Style 9 with 20pcs incense:
Style 10 with 20pcs incense:
Style 11 with 20pcs incense:
Style 12 with 20pcs incense:Size:15cm*12cm
Style 13 with 20pcs incense:
Style 14 with 20pcs incense:
Style 15 with 20pcs incense:
Style 16 with 20pcs incense:
Style 17 with 20pcs incense:
Style 18 with 20pcs incense:
Style 19 with 20pcs incense:
Style 20 :100pcs incense:

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