Step 1: Choose an Idle location for the burner

This is very important step as the cloud smoke of incense burner can easily fade away if there’s air present. For best results, light one up in door, making sure that there’s no air present in the room.

Even a small amount of air from the vents or the windows can disturb the waterfall effect.


The next thing to consider is to place your burner at a smooth surface. You can use it as a decoration item and place it on your coffee table, drawing room, or whatever place you seem to like.


Step 2: Light the Incense Cone

Hold incense cone of your choice with a tweezer. Grab a matchbox or a gas lighter and light the top of the incense cone. Make sure you light it for 5-10 seconds (until you see fire on the cone).

Light the incense cones

Once done, just blow out the fire from the cone. The cone will automatically produce the incense smoke. If you don’t see the smoke, light the cone again.

Note: Take care of your fingers when you're lighting the cones. Keep out from the reach of children and don't let them anywhere near the flame. Do this on your own with proper care.

Incense cone in fire
Step 3: Place the Cone on the Burner

Now place the cone on the base of the incense burner. There's no general rule of thumb as to where you have to place the cones. Normally, it is mentioned on the product package.  Normally, there’s a hole designed at the surface, where you have to place it. You’ll know it when you see it.


And that’s pretty much it, how you use an incense burner.