Nur Tuğba Namlı became a mother for the third time

On Kanal D; Hakan Ural and Hilal Özdemir Babacan announced that the program “What’s Happening in Life”, hosted by Hakan Ural and Nur Tuğba Namlı, is broadcast live every weekday and keeps the pulse of the agenda with its news that makes a difference. It comes to the screen with the presentation of.

Nur Tuğba Namlı, who got married to businessperson Mustafa Namlı in 2015, experienced the happiness of becoming a mother for the third time. Hakan Ural shared the good news on his Instagram account.

Our beautiful world, golden-hearted colleague, friend, and lady artist Nur Tuğba Namlı has given birth to her third child as of now. Let’s not hear it. May God grant us to grow up with health, peace and happiness. I hope he will be a good son to his family, country and nation.

The famous presenter, who gave an interview to Sercan Kismet from Milliyet Cadde last month, said, “You are pregnant with your third baby. Doesn’t it force you to be on the screen in this process?” He gave the following answer to the question:

Being on the screen in this process makes me even more happy. I am a person who is happier by working. By working, I become a better wife, a better mother and a better Nur Tuğba. I like to work very much because I organize both the house and the children more easily. Work feeds me. I can feed my surroundings more, I am in such a cycle.

Both of my children started school this year. Arden started elementary school one. Eliz is also going to school for the first time. I couldn’t be there when they started school. They both understand that I work and that I like to go to work. With the support of my wife and mother, I can handle this issue more easily.

Being a working mother is really enjoyable; you can organize the day much more easily, you proceed more systematically, you understand the value of your time. Since you understand the value of time, your children also sleep by being conscious of it, and we manage each other.

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