November 22: what is the national holiday today and what not to do

The national holiday holiday on November 21 is known under the names of the Archangel Michael, Michael’s day.

Christians celebrate a church holiday on November 21 in honor of all the angels, as well as their chief among them, the head of the heavenly army, Archangel Michael. Ukrainians have always loved and respected the Archangel Michael, and from ancient times celebrated his memory day on a special scale. He is prayed for protection from enemies and thieves, natural disasters and all evil.

Our ancestors associated Mikhailov’s Day with a short warming – the last this year. This day was called “Mikhailovsky Mud” because the roads thawed strongly and became impassable.

On this day, according to old beliefs, you can not do any work for selfish purposes. Our ancestors feared that Michael would punish someone who would profit from people today.

The day is good for solving family problems, and in general it is better to spend it with the family. Also, the day is good for water procedures, such as a bath or a visit to the pool.

A boy born on November 21 should be called Michael. Then his life will be long and happy, and the archangel will always protect him from troubles.

What not to do on November 21

  • You can not wash your hair, otherwise you will “wash” the mind.
  • It is strictly forbidden to engage in fraud, to inflate prices for goods and services, to take someone else’s property.
  • On this day, you should refrain from judging other people, condemnation and envy. You can’t talk about people behind their backs.
  • Weather signs November 21
  • A lot of acorns on oak – for a mild winter.
  • If the day is warm and sunny, then the winter will be frosty.
  • Dense fog today portends warming.
  • If it is frosty in the morning, then in December and January there will be a lot of snow.
  • Hoarfrost in the morning – to a harsh winter.

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