Not just Buffett! Wei Zhejia set up TSMC 1,600 sheets in one go, bought 200 sheets, and the internal supervisor also bought a lot

TSMC President Wei Zhejia pledged 1,600 TSMC shares in October and bought 200 TSMC shares at the same time. TSMC said that Wei Zhejia is optimistic about the future.

According to the data from the Public Information Observatory, Wei Zhejia set up 1,600 TSMC stocks in one breath on October 17th, a new high in the number of shares set up, which aroused heated discussions from all walks of life. TSMC did not respond to this at the time.

Wei Zhejia bought 200 TSMC shares, TSMC: optimistic about the future

The reason why Wei Zhe’s family set up TSMC stocks was finally revealed. The public information observatory data pointed out that Wei Zhe’s family bought 200 TSMC stocks from the centralized trading market in October.

In addition to Wei Zhejia’s increase in TSMC’s own stocks, several deputy general managers of TSMC simultaneously increased their holdings. In October, TSMC’s insiders held a total of 238 shares, an increase of about 0.0137%, and their holdings increased to 1,737,004 shares; Some people estimate that they spent more than NT$88 million to buy more shares.

TSMC said that Wei Zhejia’s overweight purchase of stocks is optimistic about the prospects; the increase in insider shareholding is partly due to the employee stock purchase plan to buy shares, and most of them are purchased from the market.

Multiple bad shocks, TSMC’s recent stock price downturn

Analysts said that TSMC faced multiple negative impacts in October, including the downturn in the semiconductor industry, the loosening of TSMC’s 7nm and 6nm production capacity, and the revision of capital expenditures to US$36 billion. Panic, TSMC’s share price once hit 370 yuan, a new low since July 21, 2020.

Analysts pointed out that Wei Zhejia and a number of executives have increased their purchases of TSMC stocks and demonstrated their confidence in TSMC’s prospects with practical actions, which should help boost the morale of the market bulls.

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