Kanungnit Bus, experience life close to becoming a mother

As a new mother, a bus Kanuengnit with a pregnancy that is about to give birth, the age of pregnancy is over 8 months. The belly is so big that you have to tease yourself.

Up on the podium as another new mother for a bus girl, Kanungnit, a very talented host and actress who is now pregnant for more than 8 months, almost giving birth But even now, I still see the bus girl. Accepting a host It’s also beautiful and not so beautiful.

Not just accepting the ceremonies Sometimes, we also see the bus girl Kanuengnit going to events. and also to exercise at the fitness center Most recently, he posted a picture of himself in front of a mirror in the fitness center.

With a caption that invites fans to smile, “What’s round here? Milk belly is like this.” is another mother Even though it’s close to giving birth, it still doesn’t stop being fit. Although the person has complained that he has gained weight But it doesn’t reduce the beauty at all, plus it has a more aura So radiant that many people can’t help but envy.

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