Ja Nongpanee, the garden back, comments to make him stop drinking alcohol and beer

The most delicious luk thung singer, Cha Nong Panee, is not indifferent to this event. Post a YouTube clip of the open house at Ang Thong, the back garden, and make comments to stop drinking alcohol and beer.

A good-humored singer, Cha Nongpanee, who always sees herself fully in every concert, whether it’s singing, dancing, playing with the audience. or even drinking alcohol which viewers often send The person was not offended. arranged for fans immediately until he was often teased by his friends that he was drunk all the time Because of the desire to entertain the fan club of the girl Ja Nongpanee .

But most recently, Cha Nongpanee has made a YouTube clip on her own channel. which is a clip of an open house in other provinces and never opened his own house through his own channel before by the person taking a tour of the house, including the whole house area in Ang Thong Province The area is about 6 rai, built about 5-6 years ago, built for my parents.

There will be a ceremony to pay homage to Father Kae every year. with an old father’s ashram And there is an area where people see old people walking every night The man is wearing a white suit, which the girl thinks is an old father. because this house was planted for the ceremony to pay homage to teachers.

which is a house surrounded by nature And there was a time when the girl, Ja Nongpanee, took her to see the fish pond. that father bought from the page Ready to say that life is happy. That’s it. The end of life will be here. And take him to see other parts of the house continuously Before the end of the clip.

But instead, there was a story that made the girl Cha Nongpanee boil because she met with comments that said, “If you don’t do well, the old father won’t keep it. Stop drinking alcohol and drink beer. Life will be better than this. There was no response whatsoever.

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