Has singer Ha Nhi stopped ‘denouncing’ her ex?

As the title, singer Ha Nhi’s “End” MV closes the mini-album “EXL-OVER” featuring songs about her ex.After 2 songs “Not forgetting your ex” and “Long time” attracted attention, Ha Nhi closed the EP (extended disc) EXL-OVER with the MV “End”.

The song is the heart of someone who has experienced a breakdown but still holds faith in love. In the music video, Ha Nhi sings in infinity space symbolizing love. The image of large rocks metaphorizes the hardened hearts of those who walk through broken love.

The special feature of The End is the combination of the MV and the podcast filmed in the form of a live session. Ha Nhi believes that this approach can push emotions as well as help listeners understand the story behind the song.

Self-performing the podcast, Ha Nhi tells about her ex who is somewhat sad but not heavy. She does not hide her nostalgia for her ex, and at the same time expresses an attitude of appreciation and gratitude.

Over the past time, the EP EXL-OVER attracted attention by articles about ex-lovers corresponding to the post-breakup periods. Specifically, the song “Not Forgetting Your Ex” expresses intense nostalgia; the Long Repetition is the memories preserved and the Epilogue closes the door of remembrance.

Stepping out of the Mask Singer contest, Ha Nhi received more attention from the audience. This helps the singer to be more confident and consistent with the profession. Starting from Vietnam Idol 2015 but the name Ha Nhi has only emerged in the last 2 years.

“In the past, I used to have to ask for a song. At first, I just thought about what song I should sing to be known to the audience the most, then sing with the instinct I have. Even if it’s just cover songs, it’s lucky that they leave a mark. beautiful impression in the audience”, the singer confided.

Because of the pressure, Ha Nhi once planned to quit her career and find a stable office job. But no matter how many times, she kept her faith to get through her most difficult periods.

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