BLACKPINK’s Lisa, the 2nd most beautiful woman in the world, 2022

Lisa BLACKPINK and 2 other Thai people are in the top 10 artists with faces. The most beautiful-handsome in the world 2022

At this moment, no one will be more popular than a talented girl like Lisa BLACKPINK , when recently our Thai girl Lisa was classified as a female artist with a face. The most beautiful-handsome in the world Ranked 2nd in TOP FACE OF THE YEARS 2022 ranked by Twitter 100 The Best Face

In addition to Lisa, who is a Thai woman, there are also 2 young male protagonists from Thailand whose names are in the Top 10 with him as well. That is young Bright Wachirawit Chivaaree and young Win Methwin Opas Iamkajon , our hottest couple, with Bright young man ranked 9th and young Win ranked 8th.

However, the person who has a beautiful-handsome face to win the 1st place is the hottest Korean boy, Kim Taehyung or V from BTS .

It can be said that each person is beautiful and handsome. It’s unique as it really ranks. If it was an admin, it would be difficult. It’s not really ranked right.

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