Ayda Field on sex life with Robbie Williams: “Completely dead”

Having children affects one’s life on many levels. Just ask American TV personality Ayda Field , 43, who is married to artist Robbie Williams , 48.

  • Our sex life is completely dead, she says in the podcast ” Postcards from the edge

Has four children
The couple had their fourth child at the beginning of 2020. And the more children, the less sex, says Ayda Field.

  • I might as well turn the bed into a ping-pong table.

She says that she hardly remembers the last time she and Robbie Williams went to bed together.

– Sex life has been wiped out by four children, says Ayda Field.

Robbie Williams has started snoring

The couple married in 2010. Since then, Robbie Williams has started snoring, something he didn’t do at the beginning of their relationship.

Then I pull myself to the edge, because I have so little time to sleep and then I know I have to take the children in the morning, says Ayda Field.But having separate bedrooms is out of the question.

But my God, then we would just be friends who lived together. We would become like brother and sister. I’m holding on to this fragile thread of a shared sleeping place anyway, says Ayda Field.

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