Ahgase welcomes Jackson, hopes GOT7 until the airport is almost broken

Ahgase welcomes Jackson, hopes GOT7 until the airport almost collapses, tagging #SawasdeekaPJACK tell the impression after the fans Looking forward eagerly For a hot young man’s visit to Thailand, Jackson hopes GOT7 will come to the show. world tour concert The first great single called Jackson Wang Magic Man World Tour 2022 Bangkok on 25-27 November 2022 at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani. Recently, Jackson has already arrived in Thailand. Yesterday evening (21 Nov. ’22)

With a large number of fans waiting to welcome Jackson at the airport. with hashtags #SawasdeekaPJACK tell the impression And Jackson’s loveliness until he became addicted to trending Twitter

Later, the young Jackson came out to thank the fans via Twitter. “Thank you very much everyone. for waiting to welcome me again at the airport it’s already late Please return home safely. I’m worried again.” He also mentioned the upcoming concert.

However, today (November 22, 2022), Young Jackson will begin his first day of work in Thailand. with a live interview in the form of an On Stage show with a program called WoodyFM On Stage with Jackson Wang. In this work, the ahgase don’t forget to cheer up Jack as well.

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