3 female referees go down in history when being arrested at the 2022 World Cup

They are the three female referees selected by FIFA to referee the matches at the 2022 World Cup. This is the first time that female referees have received this honor at the biggest tournament on the planet.

Frappart, 38, is the most prominent of the three. Not only is she a prestigious referee specializing in catching women’s football matches, she has also participated in men’s matches. Most especially, she once held the whistle for the 2019 European Super Cup match between Liverpool and Chelsea.

At Euro 2020 (taking place in 2021), she was also invited by the European Football Federation (UEFA). Although she was only an assistant, she also became the first female referee on duty in this tournament.

Meanwhile, referee Salim Mukansanga also gradually gained popularity when he took the whistle at the Cup of African Nations (CAN Cup) earlier this year. Japanese referee Yoshimi Yamashita has also tried his hand at matches in the Japan Championship (J-League) and also the AFC Champions League.

Not only talented, all three are representatives of those who want to eliminate the prejudice that female referees cannot govern men’s matches.

Frappart, Mukansang and Yamashita were all highly rated by FIFA at this year’s tournament. FIFA’s President of the Referee Council, the famous former referee Pierluigi Collina, said: “As always, we always put the criterion of quality first. 

The referees selected are the best in the world. We’ve prioritized quality, not gender. I hope in the future, it will become normal for women to hold the whistle in men’s matches.”

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